Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Animated by Glenda

Here's wishing you ha happy Monday

Created for this lovey card 
(click the image)


I started with this cute card I found
 on the Internet........CLICK to enlarge-save-as-print

To download any of my animations click the download
button at the end of the post.....thank you

I loved this little fairy baby since
the first time I laid eyes on her.....

This little fairy was so
cute....I put her on a card....xoxo

Kittens and Butterflies

This cute card came from BUMBLE BUTTON

Look at this cute bunny and basket of Easter eggs
I found, complement of NANNALULU'S
To make my EASTER IS ON THE WAY Animation


This might be my favorite....I love Blue Birds and Roses

I started with this pretty card

I love you bear

    This cute card was compliments
           of THE BUMBLE BUTTON


Here's the download button the get my anamations
 glenda's Animations

Click the image to see the Kitten Animations  

 Kitten Animations

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