Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Tiny Notes & Envelopes

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   Tea Rose Garden by ~Qi-lin on deviantART   background, beautiful, shabby chic, vintage, wallpaper, pink rose pattern   

Using some our favorite pinned background papers, 
I designed these tiny, cute note cards and envelopes............
perfect for dropping a few words of love in your
husband's pocket, the kids gym bag or leaving behind
after you've visited a friend.
They measure 1" by 2" (told you they were small) but darn cute !


arwa alawlqy said...

this is amazing! I love it


thank you so much Glenda you're work is awesome . appreciate it much ..

best wishes for 2017

tracy vancuylenburg

Glenda's World said...

Hi Tracy !
It warms my heart you checked out my blog.
Thank you