Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Floral Photo Tags

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DH said...

Dear Glenda,
Thank you for all the beautiful tags and other printables. You are so kind to share them with us. I also want to thank you for posting the gentle suggestion to donate to Wounded Warriors. I've been meaning to donate to them but haven't until today, thanks to your sweet suggestion. Many thanks to you! Dawn

Glenda's World said...

You re so very welcome, DH. I love designing.......it might be an obsession :)
Thank you so much for donating to the Wounded Warriors. My Dad was killed in the Korean War when I was 15 days old. Soldiers are dear to my heart and I thought if I could help their lives be better through my reader's donations I would be doung more, my way.
Hugs & God bless you.

Maria Teresa Tauscher said...


Glenda's World said...

Thank you

Unknown said...

Thank you Glenda
You have the most beautiful printables x

Glenda's World said...

Thank you Lauren,
They are all for you ❤️