Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Pink Bird Tri-Fold Easter Tag, Sleeve and Paper

 Is this bird not the prettiest ?
Do you suppose it is a pink Robin created just for Easter ?
That's what I think......I used her to design this lovely tri-fold tag.
Then I made a pretty sleeve. Use your paper punch to the sleeve edge
for a frilly look.
I designed this to be printed on pretty scarpbook paper but
if you don't have any on hand I designed this one for you.
Print out the paper, turn it over ( print side down) and print my
bird tag on the back, when you fold the sides in they'll be pretty !
Enjoy Easter crafting !

Here's what the tag looks like 
printed with the paper I designed

Here's the pretty Bird card 
original. I could only fin the image on media cache
so I don't know who to give credit to

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decoupaged Easter eggs.
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