Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Glend's 2017 Halloween Designs

I love Halloween......so fun !
My Daughter, after she got in her teens, and I would go to the
local variety store and head to the costume department to
watch the little ones come in to try on the masks & costumes.
What fun that was. We laughed our hearts out......
To kick off this years  designs I designed treat boxes and some
spooky papers !
Scare and share.......Happy Halloween 2017 !

Print 2 copies. They print on an 8 1/2" by 11" card stock.
each box measures 4 1/2" by 3".  If you would like larger
of either design, contact me.

How about a  spooky  Alphabet for this year's 
Scrapbook pages, cards or crafts ?

I have designed over 60 Halloween printable s.
Cupcake wraps, wine glass lampshades, tags, banners,
cards with envelopes, papers & graphics.
You can purchase all  of my designs for $ 7.25, that's
about  .12 cents per first class designs. 
Once your purchase is complete PayPal will give 
you a link. Save that link. Click the link to access
all the designs in one place ( google drive folder)
If you misplace the link or miss it during the purchase
process, contact me, I'll replace it for you.

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