Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Display Your China on Old Doilies

Yard Sale Season is here again.............

Another one of my favorite things to buy when I'm yard-saleing  or at an estate sale, is old doilies and table cloths. The doilies are so pretty and so many have been handcrafted with love, so many years ago.
 Every time I find one, I know has been made by hand, especially the ones that are crochet, I can't help but wonder where it came from and imagine it setting on an old bedside or kitchen table displaying an old photograph or vase of roses  
lining my china cabinet shelves and setting the china on old doilies is one of my many uses for the darling pieces of time.

If you have beautiful china and pieces have gotten broken....here is my post about a site that has a lot of replacement china....thousands of patterns.
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here are more ideas from bloggers on using doilies
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