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Welcome to my World

Drying the Hydrangeas 2013

The Hydrangeas are in full bloom...
this year's are so pretty...they're pure white. We've had lots of rain this Spring, I don't know if that has anything to do with the color, but I love the pure white.
I have a previous post on drying the Hydrangeas  but no illustration  so this post is to show you how I dry mine.
you'll need:

A large plastic tub w/a lid

Fresh Step Crystals Cat litter.
How much you need will depend on how big your tub is.

I was in the pet section at Walmart buying cat litter.I picked up the bag and saw that it was Silica Crystals...thought to myself...hmmm, that's what you dry flowers with.......and this process began. The best thing about using the litter, you can dry large amounts of large blooms.

Start with 2" of the litter in the bottom of your box.
Gently lay the blooms on the litter. Try not to overlap or over crowd. 
Using a cup, gently sprinkle the litter over the blooms, gently shake the box to distribute the litter. This step helps get down into and under the tiny flowers.

Once the blooms are covered, put the lid on, place the tub in a cool dark place and forget about them for a few months.
I leave mine until December (6 mos)then when the Christmas Season decorating begins I have all these beautiful reminders of Summer.
You don't have to leave yours to dry that long, check them after they've been drying a couple of months.
I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they are and how they look like you just picked them......enjoy !

These dried Hydrangeas are 5 years old. Still as pretty as the day I picked them

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