Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

The Chalk Painted Round Table

After months of falling in love with the  pins of Chalk Painted Furniture 
I couldn't resist any longer....
I had to try  it...

On my weekly yard sale shopping spree I found this cute
little round table....the perfect victim for 
my experiment

The table was in good shape with the exception the previous owner
had attempted to make it shabby chic with a light coat 
of  flat pink spray paint.
I did sand the top and legs smooth.
There was not a lot of  dark wood showing through
so I decided to keep the finish solid.

I used a flat linen white ceiling paint and added some color using the 
wall paint you see.
I only mixed 1 cup of the chalk paint recipe and still have over half left.

I used Plaster of Paris instead  of calcium carbonate
for those of you who have forgotten...calcium carbonate is baking soda

Now that it's finished I think I could have added a bit more color,
but I still love it.
The technique is addicting and I certainly know why everyone is in love with it
and does it.  I'll be doing a lot more pieces, it's so easy and rewarding.
To antique it I used  Valspar Tintable Glaze mixed with some Burnt Umber
water based craft paint I had.
I mixed a baby food jar half full and had plenty.

For the top, I decoupaged a rose picture I've used for several graphic projects.

I wanted the rose to have a gold-tone to match my paint, so I changed the color of it 
and enlarged it.
In the picture I have applied a  thick coat of decoupage glaze. I'll rub it down with steel wool in 
about a week and give it a coat of satin polyurethane, then add a glass top

The paste wax was another new experience for me. Wow....this stuff is great for your wood furniture, stair cases, floors, cabinets and paneling. I'ts laborious and time-consuming but so much better than spray furniture polish.

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