Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

How to clean your Freezer Walls and Door

If you've read any of my helpful tips, you know I have a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol in 
every room.....and the kitchen is no exception.

Today I was freezing the extra tomatoes from the garden. As I opened the freezer I thought to myself, dang, how does this door get so dirty ?  A five year old Grandson pilfering for ice cream or pop sickles might have something to do with...:)
As I reached for the dish rag I saw the spray bottle of alcohol I keep beside the sink.
The rest is history as well as the dreaded job of wiping down a frozen surface. 

I sprayed the door down and wiped with paper towels...............for the first time my freezer really is clean and disinfected.  

In the past I've used boiling water to dip the wash sponge in, the hair dryer and any idea I would read about

This past Summer my Husband's traveled. He carries a spray bottle in his suit case. Were you aware rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs ? Though he carries it because he's never trusted the housekeeping to really clean the bath rooms.

If any of you have other uses you would like to share, let me know via my FB Message

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