Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

2013 Plant Journal Pink Night Lilly

Pink Night Lilly
Such a pretty flower. Only blooms at night.  'Beauty of the night'. . So easy to grow and adds a lot of color to any flower bed. My seeds were given to me 7 years ago by a dear friend. Every year since they have adorned my yard. I have lots of seeds. If you would like some of these beauties there's a button at the bottm of this post, to purchase them. I'm charging $ 3.50 for 20 seeds, but the charge covers the shipping and handling as the seeds are not tiny. If all my seeds don't find their way to another garden I'll put them back up next Spring. 
I plant mine for next Spring now. The ones in my journal page below were planted late Summer early Fall last year. I'll get the pictures of my mother plant up soon.

Mirabilis jalapa

I store my seeds in a 3x5 file box so I made my own seed packet....and for you....there's a free seed packet template...print, use and enjoy !

Here's you a seed packet template

Pretty graphics box compliments of

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