Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Your Tropical Plants Will Benefit if They are set on a Wet Gravel Bed.

I hate that I haven't gotten this post written sooner........as we're at the Summer's end and the cool days of Fall will soon be bringing us cooler days, but when I bring the houseplants in for the winter I'm going to keep them through the winter with this method

.I've had this fern, this has been it's third season. The stinker has been a real pill to grow and keep and has never grown more that it did this season. I did something different this year. I placed aquarium gravel in a birdbath, set the fern in the birdbath and kept water in it all season.The fern grew more and put off more new frons than it has in the three years I've had it.

Just a few weeks ago I purchased an Angel's Trumpet plant. The video I found on YouTube  how to care for the Angel's Trumpet said because it was tropical, the best way to keep tropical plants was to set them in a shallow saucer with watered  gravel.

I bought one of the clear trays, filled it with aquarium gravel.
Bond Manufacturing Heavy Duty Round Plant Saucer (Set of 24)

The plant has improved since doing this. Before there were all kinds of leaves turning yellow and dropping off, that has virtually stopped.

Along with the gravel tray I had some  coconut soil I added to the top of the soil.
All Living Things™ Crab Coconut Soil  - PetSmart

Coconut Soil 

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