Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

My Sister

When posting my OLD GRAPHICS  this old photograph from 1877 of two lovely ladies  reminded me of  sisters at each other's sides
The past few days these words have been posted often on Facebook by friends that love their sisters.
 I've been waiting for the perfect background to use for this tag I've wanted to create. Today on Pinterest I found and pined  this beautiful pink rose.
. I've posted the original words and this beautiful pink rose below.

I wanted to give you another style....
choice is good
Thanks a million for stopping in at my world.....your pins, comments & likes mean a lot 

to enlarge- save-as-and-print the 
sheet of three tags

Posted by a Facebook friend

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Brenda Petruzzi said...

My sister Kathy passed at 46yrs last year Thank you for allowing me to have this beautiful tag : )

Glenda's World said...

The pain and sadness never leaves.......You're so welcome