Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

How I Store Romain Lettuce

I buy my Roamin lettuce at SAMs Club, 6 stalks at a time. I finally figured a way to clean, and keep them fresh for weeks. First I trim the first 2" off the top and the trim all the brown off the bottom of the stalk, then run under cold water and rinse thoroughly. I shake the excess water out of the stalks then  stand it leaf-down in the dish drainer for about an hour. The day I'm going to be washing my lettuce I wash the dish drainer in the dish washer.  After the stalks have set an hour I place three stalks in a large food storage bag.

After the stalks are in the bag I place several sheets of paper towels on one side of the food storage bag.

Seal the bags and keep them in the vegetable draw of my frig. If the stalk starts turning brown, I trim off the brown.  When the  paper towels  get damp from the excess water in the lettuce,  the damp cool towels keep  the lettuce fresh and crispy. I've  kept the lettuce for as long as 6 weeks.

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