Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

How to Make Your Handwriting Into Downloadable Fonts

1)  The first move is to go to this site.......so CLICK HERE

3)  See........I was right........It's harder to do right the first time. My printing seemed to look much better than my cursive. Once your happy with your template, scan it into your computer. 

*** For those of you new to downloading fonts, and read my tutorial HOW TO  INSTALL NEW FONTS, save your template in the Fonts Folder we made on our desktop*** 

4) Open your scanned template in MS Paint or your editing program and change the vertical number to 2000, as shown above.  Save your changes when you close.


Click the CHOOSE FILE button, go to the file where you scanned your template and click on your template. 

6) Name your handwriting. I named mine glenda's printing.

7) Hit the SEND FILE button. Be patient, this takes a minute or two.


Click on the font file.


Open the download and Extract the files.


11) Open your MS Paint or MS Office.

There was a DONATE button on the MY SCRIPT FONT site, Please, donate........the site performed a service free but we want to keep them around .....someone somewhere paid for the software. 

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