Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

The Good Shepard Vintage Fan

I love and collect these old fans.
It's an unwritten law that one may not sell a pre-owned  and studied Bible.
I'm applying the same courtesy to this fan I purchased last weekend while
flea market shopping.......  
Both my Grandmother's owned this fan. When I picked it up out of the smelly
box of old papers, my heart clogged my throat with emotion and tears rolled
down my cheeks with the taste of loving memories....... 

     Print two on heavy card stock.
Glue the handles to each side, then,
 glue a large Popsicle stick
between the two handles. 
If you would rather, you can glue the handle on the back
as the original was, draw an outline of the body on
 plain heavy card stock  and glue
for extra strength.


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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Glenda! How many times have I seen this in my grandmother's house. Precious memories indeed. Thanks so much for posting this. Hugs, Jamie

Glenda's World said...

Jamie, the hugs are appreciated and glad we share fond memories