Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Card Templates by Glenda

Last Easter, I made some puzzle cards, a bunny , duck & chick..
Going through some files I found this little bear I had designed.
Using burlap, I thought was a more universal material for my bear.
I have given you the template to print on your own scrapbook


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A simple card, envelope & envelope liner.
Print on pretty paper and make your own
card set.


Violets & Jonquils Card Templates
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This was the bouquet I used in the design
bumble button: forget-me-nots
Pink & Brown
Two choices with-buttons / with button-holes 
Won't this be pretty with real buttons and maybe some
pink petals from silk flowers ?


Country in Teal

Pink and Green Floral

Tiffany Blue Floral Lace


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Red Polka-Dot


Pretty in Pink
Antiqued Happy Birthday 

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I designed journal cards in this style
to get the  journal cards

CLICK THE IMAGE to get this beautiful vintage card

Bouquet of Roses 
Card Templates



For my Journal Cards in this design

****The Rose****

Catching Butterflies Card Template

To see my Tags in this design
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Mariana Mill said...

Thank you for sharing; Every piece is simply beautiful. Mariana

Glenda's World said...

Mariana Mill, thank you and you are very welcome. It means a lot to me, that you took the time to leave me a note.....Enjoy ! GJR

azizah ismail said...

thank you for sharing. They are really beautiful.

Ellen Olson said...

Hello Glenda,
I just love your designs. Thank you so much for sharing. I would like to help with the pet funding, since I get paid once a month I will send something next month. I feel that it is such an awesome idea, because you are so right pets really do bring joy to older and disabled individuals. Ellen

Glenda's World said...

Ellen Olson, that would be so sweet of you. Thank you for the kind words that warmed my heart this morning.