Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Make Precious Bears from Worn Quilts

Grandmothers leave us the best memories and light a corner of our hearts we visit with endearment. 
My Grandmothers were both quilters. I can remember, as though it was yesterday, each of them hand quilting for hours.
When my maternal Grandmother passed away I was blessed to have been given one of her quilts she had made of her dress scraps. She made all of her dresses.  I never saw her in a pair of pants.......not even in the dead cold of winter, as she would hang the wash on the  line. 
When my paternal Grandmother passed away one of my Aunts made me a quilt using her dresses. I loved that quilt and her making me that quilt meant more to me than I had the words to express.
I kept both quilts in a special place. Through the years as melancholy to see them would overwhelm my heart I would get the quilts out. Each piece of dress material would remind me of a memory....just the comfort my heart needed.
20 years ago we lost our home in a fire. When I found what was left of the quilts I washed the pieces and looked at them with a grateful heart as though they were perfect.
A really sweet lady in my hometown was raising a foster son with down syndrome.To earn extra money she made bears. One day I ran into her. She had an armload of the cute creatures. On my way home I thought I would love to have one of her bears, then it came to me how special my Granny's quilts would be made into the bears. The heartbreak of them being half burned caused me to rarely get them out, what better way to give them new life....
One quilt was large enough for two bears and I gave that to my daughter.
I've since seen heart pillows made from old quilts and given as keepsakes. 

I don't sew, wish I did, but I've seen lots of tutorials on Pinterest for making bears. I'll list a few blogs for patterns and instructions for you.

Here are some web sites on making bears
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How to make a teddy bear out of shirts
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of the image  for instructions

Teddy Bear tutorial and pattern. Use your baby's old clothes instead of fabric to personalize!
МедокHow to Make a Teddy Bear From Old Clothes

How to Make a Memorial Teddy Bear From a Shirt

I saw this pin last night on Pinterest and thought it was such a clever
idea for our keepsake quilts.....

Click on the lower right corner of this
image to see the site.

Frame vintage quilt squares as art in your home.

My free printable s posted today

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