Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

A Graduated Flower Bed

Free seed packet template 
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Someone, please help me identify my plant !
I just received a message on my Pinterest pin from Erin Bronson.( if your looking for some really great boards to follow, she has great boards)


I took an existing oval rock flower bed, sectioned it in half. The north end I started on one side raised it 3ft with layers of flat rocks. As the rocks came back around to the other side the rocks sloped to 12 inches.
 Early next Spring I'll try to get a picture before my variegated water grass gets so tall.

I took 10 " PVC pipe, cut one the 3 ft. and the other 2 ft. Placed the sections of pipe in the flower bed where I wanted to place my planters AKA flower pots, then filled in the flower bed with dirt around the pipe. I did dig the pipe in as to get it level. I then filled the pipe about half full of rocks...good way to get rid of the rocks that seem to grow in the yard. 

In this post, I'm only talking about the raised section of the flower bed.
In the tallest pot I don't have a clue what this plant is, and would really be thrilled if any of you do know what it is and tell me. I bought it last Summer and it's not like me to buy a plant w/out a tag, I did. This is 4 plants I started from seed....very easy to grow, loves the sun and grows very fast. The spikes are filled with teeny tiny pink-red flowers that turn to seed pods. The seeds are very small. I would compare the size to those of carrot seeds, very small. I didn't save a lot of seeds, but they all came up, I planted them everywhere. In the second lower pot I planted white and pink PURSELANE around Foxglove, which was beautiful but long gone after it quit blooming.

Wyoming Canna

  are planted in the bed at the tallest end. They came up from last year.

here's a free seed packet  template

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