Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Basket of Lilacs

One of my first creations was Username and Password pages because I try to design  things we need and use.....not always,.......I do love note cards, pockets and tiny envelopes ...smile. During the Christmas season I designed pages to keep track of the addresses for Christmas card list.One of my readers suggested she would use note cards to keep her's on. I designed note cards and while I was doing so I thought I should do the same  for my username & password. Here's my first card design. This on is 4x6. Print it on paper and glue it to a 4x6 card or print it on card stock, but print portrait 

****** I put a little frame in the upper-right corner for the alphabet *******

CLICK HERE to enlarge-save-as-print two cards


Here are the elements I used in this design. I found the basket of lilacs
somewhere on the net a long time ago.
 Wish I knew who to give credit to, because they are lovely

The pretty frame I use so often is from Karen

Some of the elements used in the design of this post are from


Glennie said...

Love this as I am always forgetting mine because we have to change them so often.

Glenda's World said...

Me too.......and we aren't the only ones :) My pages have been pined hundreds of time