Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Change Your Usernames & Passwords Often and keep them in a Safe Place

Here are some pretty Journal cards to put your usernames and passwords on.
Remeber, chane them often, write them down & keep them in a safe place.
Each design is a set of two cards  8 1/2" by 11"

An Old Journal Ledger  & Gingham Ribbon

Burlap With a Red Ribbon

Burlap with a Brown Ribbon

If you would like to make a 
donation of appreciation
here's my tip jar


ideas2come said...

I absolutely love your Blog I've never seen anything like it!!! How in the world did you make my mouse pointer become a rose and the glitter so so awesome.. I want to share your site on my channel on YouTube!! I'm at work so I'm hoping i can find your blog again once i get home. You also have such beautiful things and how awesome you are to share everything. Thank you I'll be back again. Heather Martinez Ideas2come on YouTube

Glenda's World said...

Heather, boy, do your kind words mean the world to me!
Starting out a few years ago ( zero experience) I wanted my blog to be about you, the crafter, stay-at-home Moms, with little time and underfunded, the Grandma, Aunt or Sister needing a last minute tag or card for a special occasion or just to remind,someone they're loved.
It's not about the money or me here in Glenda's World.
I'm most flattered to be featured on your channel and if you don't mind, I'll return the favor and put a widget on promoting your channel.
I hope I do see you often..........email me anytime