Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

How to get a Set-In Rust Stain out of Light Colored Carpet.

I've been cleaning my own carpets for over twenty years. I've never wanted to be bothered by someone coming into my home on their schedule. My first carpet cleaning machine was a Hoover, it lasted about 10years. I now own a

ProHeat 2X® CleanShot® Deep Cleaning System 9500

ProHeat 2Xยฎ CleanShotยฎ Deep Cleaning System 9500
It's a really good cleaning machine. I'm not fond of their shampoos though. I find the 2X Woolite Oxy deep
the best for my needs....we live with a Golden Retriever and keep our 5 year old Grandson..

The other product my carpets can't live without is  
    Woolite Pet. This stuff is like magic. I'm lucky my pets don't make messes, but the Golden Retriever, Jimme Johnson has really dirty and sometimes muddy feet. This stuff makes mud stains, chocolate, juice and soda stains disappear ! True story, when Corbin, our Grandson was about 2 I had the box of food coloring out. When I wasn't looking he took the little bottle of blue and hid it behind a door. When I went to put them away and notice the blue gone, I panicked !  When I found it, sure enough, it was everywhere on the carpet, but this stuff took it out.

Now that I've told you all that..........When I shampooed the carpet this morning, I sprayed the big rust spot with the pet stain, then poured Hydrogen Peroxide over the Woolite and rubbed it gently with a small brush. When I shampoo my carpets I add 2 ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide to hot water tank. My carpets are a very light beige, So if you have dark carpets or rugs, do a test to see if it affects the color.

Another practice I use when I shampoo my carpets, I rinse after I shampoo with distilled white Vinegar in my water tank and I fill the shampoo tank with hot water and 1/4 cup of White Vinegar. I've found the shampoo leaves a residue and the smell is offensive to me as I'm extremely sensitive to perfumy smells. Rinsing with the vinegar leaves the carpets so soft.  I had read about this on a blog years ago from a professional carpet cleaner.

I buy vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide in large quantities, I clean with both a lot.

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