Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Tutorial How to make this Burlap Calendar and To-Do list

 We start by you saving each of these elements I give you to make this calendar.It would be a good idea to make a folder somewhere on your desk top..easy for you to find..sorry PicMonky does not have an iPad or iPhone App right now.
Just CLICK on the images to save

Now that you have saved the burlap, calendar and to-do list go to picmonkey.com

Your screen will look like this. Click the design button, choose 5 X 7

Go to the left, the commands. You will see canvas color, choose transparent. Your screen should look like this.

Now, click on the little butterfly,Overlays,choose  your own at the top of the command. Go to the file where you put the burlap, calendar and to-do list. Choose the burlap frame. It will look like this.

With your mouse click on the arrows and enlarge the burlap frame to fit the 5 x 7 frame. Leave a little checked grey showing.

Now we're going to add the to-do list. Click on the butterfly, choose your own at the top. Go to the file where you put the to-list. Click open.

With the mouse, move the to-do list to the top frame. Enlarge it by clicking on the arrows. It won't fit exactly , but put it where you want it. On the right of the screen you see the little overlay box. Where it says blend modesnormal, click the option box and select darken. This will take the white edges off the frame and you can make the to-do list bigger without the white edges showing.

 Back to the left, click your own again. Now open the folder and get the calendar.

Put the mouse over the calendar and move it to the bottom frame, pull on the arrows to make it fit the frame. The calendar is a little more proportionately to the frame so there's no need to change the blend modes to darken.  I've enlarged the screen here so don't panic. You can enlarge the screen at anytime too, use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

I've enlarged this again because we can change the color of the calendar(overlay). I've chosen red, but you can choose any color you wish. On the right there will be the overlay command box. Simply put your mouse in the color box and move it around. You'll see the calendar changing colors. You have to have the calendar clicked-on, you'll see the frame around it. If you want the calendar back to black, hit the back arrow at the top of the PicMonkey window. We are almost done....

All there is left to do is save your work. At the top of the screen click save. Save it where you saved the overlays ( the burlap frame, calendar and to-do list)

All done ! Print your calendar and enjoy your labor. This tutorial was extremely time-consuming, so if you would like more tutorials on more projects, PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know. Let me know what you would like to learn how to do. If there's any interest, we'll do more extensive projects using digital scrap-booking elements..................glenda 

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