Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Keeping the Spider Plant inside During Winter

Remember the post last Summer about my Trumpet plant and how I learned we should keep our tropical plants in basins filled with aquarium or small pea-size gravel and water from the bottom?.....well I used this same method on my houseplants when I brought them inside for the Winter........


I have my Spider Plant setting in a bird bath filled with
 aquarium gravel, then just set the plant in the gravel.
 When I water, I over-water and the run-off goes into the
gravel, keeping the roots moist. I do water when the gravel 
is dry.
On some of my other plants I use clay saucers, shallow
 bowls and those clear plant tray, the deep ones.

Here's the fern I did a post on earlier this winter.
I've never had my houseplants look so pretty and healthy.I Have a Mother-in-law's plant and  and a purple Philodendron that are as pretty and healthy as this fern and spider plant. I don't let them set in water. I give them enough water to cover the gravel and when the top of the soil in the pot is dry then I water. I add  1 Tbs. of Epsom Salt to a gallon of water once a month and the Spider Plant sets in a Western window, while the fern gets Southern sunlight.

***the blank tag on the fern is waiting for someone to help me find some of you "plant experts" tell me what it is called.

Here's the fern last Summer, you can see how much it's grown since it came inside



kelza said...

Isn't it a fox tail fern?

Glenda's World said...

YES........kelza.......thank you.....I've been trying for months to remember .....so simple how did I forget again thank you