Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Worksheet to Keep Track of Paid Monthly Bills

This is a simple worksheet I use to keep track of my paid monthly bills. The e-bills and paper bills can be confusing for me so I designed this worksheet. I pay all my bill via internet banking. Our snail-mail service is very poor and I like knowing my bills are going to be paid by the due-date. I try to keep them paid as soon as I receive them, so I write on this sheet everything I pay. I can easily reference and see if something has been missed.

Monthly Paid Bills - Worksheet #2

Worksheet #2


Landscape Version ( a bit larger)

Universal Calendar Work Sheet  for Banking


Danyelle said...

Thank you, I was looking for a Bill tracker with monthly calendar.

ronibonnie said...

I just found your site and wanted to Thank you SO much for making these available. It's just what I was looking for to help me get organised so I can work my way out of debt.

I opted for the layout with the calendar on the top right corner that has a weekly layout and a section for notes because it makes it so easy and clear to see what all I need to pay on just one page. I just LOVE this layout and that is was free because I can't afford to buy one just now.

I'm actually getting excited about budgeting and it doesn't overwhelm my eyes and brain because it's perfectly placed. Thank you so much!!! I love your site and all the beautiful images, it's been a pleasant find!