Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

My Birdbath Water Feature

Yesterday I was watering the plants and I notice this little flower bud on my Water Hyacinth.
This morning I couldn't wait to see if it had bloomed......what a pretty sight. Oh my goodness the aroma.......it smells so good.
Through the years I've  had many water gardens, but never had Water Hyacinth bloom.This was quite the surprise since I had chosen such a small and shallow pot/ bowl. Don't  be  discouraged, this goes to show you don't have to have a large pot to have a simple, but pretty  water- garden.

As you can see, the Water Hyacinth is just setting in the water. I did weigh the roots down with a few river rocks the first few days.
I can't help but wonder if the 1/3 cup of Miracle-Gro + 2Tbs. of Epsom Salts mixture given to the water a few weeks ago, might not have something to do with the production of a bloom ....
If you visited my blog this winter, you might be thinking that this birdbath looks familiar.....you would be right...it's the same birdbath I used as a fountain vessel this winter and this also gives me the  chance to remind you how pretty your fountains can be this summer with lights and plants added to them.

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